Don’t Fence Me In!

rogueDifferent people with different viewpoints see spirituality in different ways. To some, everything has its own ipseity (individual identity) that transfuses to its own orenda (inherent spiritual force), sometimes sincere and sometimes as insincere as ormolu! Reminds me where I read about “secular culture redefining morality”. It always has!!! Like comparing “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer”. They always have!!! And so, the “people of the woodlands – wherever in the world” can be found performing the sad obsequies amid the elegiac strains of music lamenting the desecration of their forest domains. Shades of “clearcuts” and “monoculture plantations”. Taberduker! However, it’s all legal and lawful. Law – lex non scripta (unwritten), lex scripta (written)! Lawful – legal -permitted by law, not contrary to law. Illegal – unlawful – forbidden by law, unlawful. Not to be confused humourously with an ill eagle – the sick bird. And, if’n you’re passing through Customs and are asked, “How are you?”, don’t reply, “If I was any better I’d be illegal!” And too, if you’re going thru the airport don’t shout, “Hi Jack!” to your friend Jack, and if he asks about you don’t say, “I’m getting bombed!” Then, if you register a complaint and are told, “We’re sorry!”, an element of responsibility is implicitly implied. However, if you’re told, “We regret it happening!”, there is no responsibility implied. So, don’t fence me in – because there’s two sides to every story.

Two Sides

“There’s two sides to every story!”
From the other side – “That’s fine!
You don’t seem to want to listen
To hear the side that’s mine!”
There’s two-timing and two-handed
But, life’s a two-way street
Two-bit, two-dimensional
When two-faced and “too-hard” meet,
Piddling, piffling, petty
It takes two to be twofold
To beat fraudulent, false, and furtive
To be sure two sides are told,
Two sides to every story
Be prepared to hear – instead
Two sides can come together
To accommodate … what’s said!

D.C. Butterfield

Ukraine! The Crimea – two sides! Don’t fence me in – literally and figuratively! Its “an awful” and “a nawful” situation. Will ICBM’s come back in vogue? Will we need to dust off the Dew Line, the “Don’t-Do-It Line”? Who’d think we’d be saying, “We could use a man like (Mikhail) Gorbachev again!” [A paraphrase of Herbert Hoover, Pres. of the U.S. 1929-33]. Whatever happened to the Russian openness of “glasnost” and “perestroika”? It’s a “larger than life” photomicrograph scenario where “the West” meets “the test”! The proverbial, “I thought my eyes were going bad, but it was only phaechromocytoma (How a politician sees the world through rose-colored glasses)! Taberduker! Shades of … And the wicked witch gave Snow white a GMO apple! Or – they went to the Missing Persons desk – but nobody was there. No pun intended! Dining “al fresco” compared to real-life dining “out-of-doors”.

Meanwhile up at Coffee-Coffee I was talking to the boys in the corner clutch from “Upyourway” over a Bunny Burger and a bubbling Balsam Beer about it all. The prevailing viewpoint seemed to be that there’s “sharks” everywhere. Like, see how the Wall Street sharks are using their World Corporations to fence in competitors – Nortel, Sears, JC Penny, Blackberry. Oligopoly – few sellers. Oligopsony – few buyers. One has to know when to step back – like on the evening last week under a waxing moon when I stepped outside to see three skunks upending my patio blocks looking for (Giant?) grubs. I silently slipped back inside the safe confines of my cozy kitchen. Ain’t that what we all do? An alternative might have been to go get my 12-Gauge and start blasting – I would probably win, but I’d sure stir up a big stink! The Top-Ten trading States for Canada are – Michigan, Illinois, California, Texas, Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, Washington, Indiana, and Michigan. I may be like an old golfer who can only ‘throw’ the ball ahead but my unqualified guess is that one of the Top-Ten trading Countries for the U.S. could include Russia. I can almost hear Obama thinking, “Don’t fence me in!”

You know, the salespersons favorite “F-word” is “from”! As in, “From $$$!” the ole “up to” and/or “starting at”! Followed closely by “No payments until …!” and “At O interest!” reminds me of that juice that claims it’s “Made with real …!” Duh! Made with unreal…! Baloney you’ll need a steak-knife to cut! They’d soon be as extinct as a Dodo, a Moa, the Labrador Duck, and/or the Passenger Pigeon. Emission needs, environmental needs, energy needs, and … all these “needs” vs a world of “wants”! Don’t fence me in! Remember … in life, tie doesn’t necessarily go to the runner! Yet … if we don’t open our minds to the making of progressive discoveries, if even by accident – serendipity is stifled!

Have Pen –
Will Write    

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