Blood On The Brand


They slink down the runway
All eyelashes and lips
Strutting their stuff
As they swivel their hips,
Sleek silhouettes
In stiletto style heels
Who – can’t fathom hunger
And – the way that it feels,
High-fashion models
Selling designer clothes
Enticing the masses
To buy them in droves,
‘Haute couture’ glamour
In lithesome long legs
Forget about “sweat shops”
Those drab “sewing” dregs,
Got to follow the fad
Have the trappings of ‘chic’
Be in mode and in vogue
Be a part of the clique,
The garments and gear
That are “setting the trend”
Attire’s “new look”
A means to an end,
Third-world conditions
May not be the best
But it’s all about blending
And, to dress like “the rest”
No matter the toilers
Where the bare bulb burns dim
Where ‘caring’ is cast off
And compensation is slim,
Haute hypocrites?
I guess I’m one myself
Overlooking the “true price”
Of the goods on the shelf,
If I checked them real close
When they’re in my hand
I’d see the stains from the tears
And … the blood on the brand!
   D.C. Butterfield


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