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kick out banksterFrom the editor….
We hope everyone had a safe and fun New Brunswick Day holiday! It seems like summer just got here, but now it’s already winding down to a close.

But there is still lots going on in and around and about our River Valley communities, and you’ll find the stories and posters for stuff to do and places to go in this issue of the Blackfly.

It appears that life is still meandering on much as always in the River Valley, but events on the world stage are taking some pretty strange twists.

The mainstream media plays up the violence for all it’s worth, in order to terrify everyone into feeling helpless and unable to do anything.

It’s a world class demonstration of mind control! And it’s all around us, we’re bombarded at every moment of every day.

Mind control is so constant and ubiquitous that we take it for granted, and don’t recognize it for what it is: The deliberate hijacking our consciousnesses to turn us into fearful, compliant, controllable consumers.

Mind control is much easier than you think. Here’s a little individual example. Say you are entered in the PAFD Lotto, and next Saturday evening your phone rings right around 6 pm.

Wouldn’t you get a big mental and emotional rush? Then you see the caller ID. It’s your boss or a telemarketer and your big rush immediately crashes.

For a moment, though, you were giddy with excitement, a positive emotion. Your body is flushed with feel good hormones, and that affects everyone around you.

So, what are the effects and perils of making hundreds of millions, even billions, of people see and hear exactly the same thing at the same time all over the world, repeated time and time again.

Images such as the World Trade Center imploding over and over. Because of global TV, radio and the internet, we can all see the same scenes at the same time and the collective effects of this are unprecedented in history.

Since our consciousness determines our reality, and what we think and believe makes up our consciousness, controlling our collective consciousness through media manipulation of images and stories gives enormous powers to the corporations and shadow governments that want to own everything and everyone on the planet.

It just came out that Facebook ran a little experiment back in 2012. They picked a small fraction of Facebook users to be unwitting guinea pigs.

Basically, researchers at Facebook wanted to find out if the stuff we see in our news feeds affect the way we feel. If our news feed was all doom and gloom, would we also feel depressed?

And if we saw happy, fluffy news feeds of positive things, would we feel happier?

Well, duh! This seems like a no-brainer. It only makes sense that this would be the case, both intellectually and intuitively.

But Facebook ran the experiment anyway, and got the results you’d expect. Negative news caused people to write more depressed posts, and positive news uplifted them, which was also reflected in their online comments.

The company came under fire once the public learned about this little mind massage experiment, as if it was a terrible sneaky thing to do to innocent Facebook users, but the irony of this is that manipulation of our minds and emotions goes on all the time, 24/7 three hundred and sixty five days a year and we don’t say squat!

And when we, as a community of people, don’t object to something and demand that it stop by default we are automatically granting our permission to have our minds and our reality manipulated.

Have you ever known a woman who was in a loveless, toxic relationship…. One that was abusive whether physically or mentally, and to your utter amazement she stays with the S.O.B.? (Seductive Operational Bully)

If asked, she says that things will get better and so she stays in spite of the fact that on some deep level she knows that this guy is poison. He tells her lies and manipulates her mind and she keeps falling for it, in spite of ample evidence that nothing has changed, things are getting worse, and so it goes.

Because nothing changes until we change ourselves.

So why are we staying “married” to our toxic corporations, petroleum companies and governments? Isn’t it high time to throw the S.O.B.s out?

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