Beantown ‘n Back!

Local folklorist and storyteller D.C. Butterfield in Boston talking about our own 'Legend Of Keenan Bridge' ghost with one of the players in 'Ghosts & Gravestones'. A "trolley of the doomed"  tour of "the same streets once stalked by the Boston Strangler" along with a "walking tour of two of Boston's historic burying grounds"!  

Local folklorist and storyteller D.C. Butterfield in Boston talking about our own ‘Legend Of Keenan Bridge’ ghost with one of the players in ‘Ghosts & Gravestones’. A “trolley of the doomed”  tour of “the same streets once stalked by the Boston Strangler” along with a “walking tour of two of Boston’s historic burying grounds”!

I have just recently been to Beantown ‘n back! Beantown – Boston – 650,000 beantowners! Actually, three generations of B’fielder males drove down and back via PTV (Personal Transportation Vehicle). That turnpike/freeway is really nice to travel on, but can leave you “turnpike tardy”, particularly with a lot of seasonal roadwork! Boston – the city – the traffic, the skyscrapers [Tallest building was 52 stories – with no attic], the crowds, the cost of living {A harbor-front 2-bedroom condo at $1.5 to $3 Million}, the subway, the heritage buildings, the massive churches, the food (The original ‘Cheers’ – we ate there, McDonalds – we ate there too!), the entertainment (Boston Tea Party acted out, of course!), the theater, the sports, and everything else that makes a city. But, only in Boston can one see the Toronto Blue Jays play the Boston Red Sox – and win (A 3-game series sweep!). Fenway Park – 37,500 for night games! Imagine “me” in that crowd trying valiantly to find my way back to the hotel after midnight (Our time)! Crazy, crazy!!! Boston – and much more cultural and racial diversity that one sees around here. For example, on the subway standing beside a young lady fully dressed with only hands and eyes showing, and across the aisle another young lady wearing only short shorts and a strapless halter-top. Hardly enough clothing to flag a wheelbarrow! so, what difference does clothing make to a person’s person? None! Taberduker! Just show mutual respect! Boston and tourism – the same “wallet wasters”, “tour troopers”, and “souvenir scammers” ready to “fleece the sheep” as anyplace else. And – the very nice and pleasant folk you meet if’n you take the time to talk to them. People would notice that I’m a “senior” and offer me their seat – when I’d say “Thank you!” I’d get “You’re welcome dear!” I don’t really look thaaat old! Do I? It was just a loooong day! anyways, when I compare the City to the Country I tend to think analogous to … Happy Food!

Happy Food

I thought I’d grab a bowl
Feed my body and my soul
For it claimed it “can’t be beat”
The sort of stuff we all should eat,
Why, the package fairly cooed
Healthy, wholesome, happy food
And, for those of us in need
Reg’lar “stools” were guaranteed,
To them, I must be fair
The ‘Percentages’ were there
No way I could have missed it
The “ingredients” were all listed,
Vitamins B and C and D and A
GMO – no frigging way
New, Improved, and Lite
Nourishment in every bite,
And – part of the appeal
It was really – “made with real”
Safety Seal, it surely had it
No preservatives were added,
Calcium, Omega-3
Both trans-fat and gluten free
Enriched Flour was a clue
25% less sugar too,
No artificial flavor scam
Right calories per 100 gram
All natural and fortified
Recommended by Food Guide,
No carbo-drates, cholesterol
No sodium or salt at all
And no budget stress or strife
With no limit on shelf-life!
Quite amazing, what was hid
Neath that gleaming child-proof lid
But, I was in the mood
For some solid “happy food”
So to me – it all was waste
Because it simply … had no taste!

D.C. Butterfield

Beantown ‘n back! Comin’ back was great too! One reason was because – no Timmies, just Dunkies in Boston! Back to a semblance of self-sufficiency. Sure, I may be “behind the times” and not high-finance/technology “with it” compared to Boston standards – but that’s okay. Taberduker! Shades of being sort of analogous to the motto of one commercial vehicle – Prisoner Of The Highway! I wonder if’n they could re-survey and re-route part of their four-lane to save their Biggest Tree, if they’ve even got one? Prob’ly not! Highway hours – once I dozed and woke up thinking for a second that Dwayne’s big yeller truck was barreling towards us! Highway hours make one appreciate little things – like a sun-visor mirror cover so’s I don’t see where my legs greet my torso every time I glance up! Little things one notices – Ballsqueeze Road – are they nicknamed “Ballsqueezers”? Another little thing – apparently Boston drivers have never heard of the “mercy rule”, even for a New Brunswick plated car. Course, most of ’em prob’ly never heard of here! Or, maybe it’s because they were apparently living in a “low salt area” – which was what a lot of roadside signs were cautioning folk about! Huh? Next time I’ll take my own salt-shaker with me!

Anyways, we did it! Ashley, Josh, and I! Beantown ‘n back! Mt. Katahdin looked good, but absolutely nothing compared to Moose Mountain when it finally appeared up ahead! Almost home! Potato fields instead of population! Actually, when we crossed the border ‘tween the U.S. and Canada it was almost analogous to … my proverbial “water broke”! Still, I have to admit – Cities rule! It’s a lot like K and S trying to squeeze C out of word pronouncing beginnings – you know, carrot/karrot, corn/korn, cereal/sereal, choo/shoo! Home, for New Brunswick Day weekend! Home – Boston, Kilburn, wherever … a place to “sit down and rest your face and hands”!

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