What Would I Know!

rogueSometimes I just have to wonder! Sometimes I feel like I’m racing down a column declivity with no brakes and/or performing column acrobatics with no net! Like, I read where a man is out hunting with his wife, who has a license, and they come across a moose and he shoots it for her, same as you or I might do. Result for him: $Big. fine, a week in jail, loses his gun, and they lose their moose. Reality check: all the conditional sentences, slaps on the wrist, and house-arrests we seem to see. Long-gun registration: still basically unrealistic for rural residents – but now with a considerable fee! Like most people, I’m all in favor of common-sense “gun control” but the backdrop is that simple hunting rifles and shotguns really don’t seem to do anything to prevent drug-driven robberies and/or Big-Urban drive-by shootings – and, in context to that recent shooting tragedy. Like too, caretakers seemingly ‘handicapped’ by the system for reporting possible abuse. Caretaker – a person who takes care of another. Caregiver – a person who helps treat another person’s disability. I’d sure want my caretaker-caregiver feeling free to do the right thing – duty or not! But, what would I know? Fracking: will it remain a “conservation conversation”? It sort of all reminds me of the chili I had at Chili-Checkers – was it good? Yes! – until I was almost home! Taberduker! Times change: 13 year old’s are now almost 17, at least. They go to Tubeface now to ask – where do babies come from, did we or nature cause the ozone-hole, is the earth heating up or not, which came first – the chicken or the egg, did Cain really go to Nod to marry his sister? What would I know? After all, I applied to Canada’s Smartest Person – and again got back ‘Over-Qualified’! Well Sir/Ma’am, at least I’ve learned a few truths from traveling … Life’s Highway!

Life’s Highway

Life is like a busy highway
You’re the driver at the wheel
Headed down the hammer-lane
Firm of faith, nerves of steel,
Have an eye on trailing traffic
Keeping track of what’s up front
Anticipate the unexpected
Brave what comes, and bear the brunt,
Watch your mirrors and the “tach”
When to “jake” or shift a gear
Conscious of your space and speed
Believe yourself- and show no fear,
Overpass or exit ramp
Caution zone or passing lane
Sleet or snow or sunny skies
Slick black-ice or pouring rain,
Be a friend, and back a buddy
Respect the CB dialogue
Understand the route you’re running
Land your load, declare your log,
Keep it on the up-and-up
Aware of when to push or stop
He will lead you, He will guide you
Up life’s grade, and o’er the top,
Comforter for all life’s highways
With His hand upon the wheel
Rural road or teeming turnpike
He will steer – and help and heal,
Trust in God – for He is with you
Forgive, forget – go on to win
On your ride from start to finish
Pick-and-go or pin-to-pin!

D.C. Butterfield

I only used the phrase ‘Trust In God’ here after reading of the struggle the U.S.A. has had to keep ‘In God We Trust’ as their motto! So sad? What would I know? Is it really “freedom of religion” or is it simply more of what our society has seemingly become! Is the proverbial “filthy lucre” the base cause? Myself: I like money and I don’t mind admitting it! Taberduker! Yet – from “lucre” (Monetary reward or gain, money) we get “lucrative” (Moneymaking, profitable). Simple as that! Part of the “economic epitome” and/or the “market mirror”! Ineffably copacetic! Shades of how one reads of how the “business model” requires a decision because “given low prospects for generating a satisfactory return on assets in the foreseeable future” the business must be “scaled down” in order to “invest in projects that generate a superior return”! Like – “forestry plan” and “pipeline”? Recalcitrant? Think about it! Stump-to-stump logging? Or, does “economic recovery” require such “stimulation techniques”!
Anyways, like the driver who is “semi stressed”, do we want a/our “plate” with or without sideboards? Do we want naugahyde (Vinyl coated fabric, nick-named “no-hide” or the no-name imitation? Do we want ‘Thinner Thighs In Thirty Days’, ‘Abler Ab’s In An Afternoon’, ‘Oprah’s Oral Obesity Ouster’ or do we really want to practice pushing back from the table? Do we want real leather $595. boots or will be settle for mass-market look-a-likes? To me it’s a lot like the idea of how that when I put my pants in the washing-machine I get them back with the legs inside-out most of the time, but if I turn the legs inside-out before I toss ’em in they’re always still inside-out at the end! Life’s like that! Mark my words! Lucky vs fortunate! However – because I can realistically ask myself “What would I know!”, I can sleep well … even to the point of not letting it disrupt my REM (Rapid eye movement) sleep! U2?
Have Pen – Will Write

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