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Things that go bump in the night….. It doesn’t matter what you personally believe, reality is determined not by what scientists or anyone else says or believes, but by what the evidence reveals to us.
John Moore grew up in Perth-Andover, and began researching paranormal events when he was till in high school.

John Moore of Ottawa Paranormal Research & Investigations

John Moore of Ottawa Paranormal Research & Investigations

This interest led him to begin working with paranormal groups, and in 2013 he began his own group, Ottawa Paranormal Research & Investigation. He has now had 19 years of experience in paranormal investigations.

The team will celebrate its one year anniversary on July 16th, and it has had some interesting paranormal adventures over the past year of investigations.

John is back in town with his wife and research partner Danielle to both visit family and investigate a few strange occurrences that local residents have contacted him about.

John is a full time mechanic by trade, and Danielle is an executive assistant. But paranormal research is their passion and hobby, which they finance themselves as they have the time and money to travel and invest in equipment.

They do not charge for their services, they do these investigations out of curiosity and a desire to help.

These days, they do about one investigation a month. Generally, someone will contact them and John
will conduct an interview with the client, then physically go to check the site.
If the group decides to tackle the investigation, the team will return and set up their equipment, which includes audio recorders and cameras.

They will attempt to find natural causes for any phenomena. John works with several “sensitives”, people who can sense and feel the energy in a room or place, and possible even see or hear any entities that might be about.

After recording the data on 8 different cameras, using full spectrum film and a night vision camera, John will take the data home to review it carefully on his computer.
He will sift through hours of audio and video recordings, looking for anomalies and evidence of high strangeness.

Tools of the trade: Base Camp at a job

Tools of the trade: Base Camp at a job

John explained to me that there are three kinds of hauntings, and these hauntings can be either benevolent or malevolent in nature.

One is called residual, where the energy of a past event was so dramatic or traumatic that the scene continues to replay, like a holographic movie. The entities involved do not recognize any onlookers, they simply play out the past events. The Gettysburg Battle is a very famous example of this type. Many people have seen the ghostly images as the soldiers who fought in this brutal battle in the American Civil War continue to haunt the site.

The second type of haunting is human. These entities will interact with people to some extent, and seem to been lingering due to unfinished business.

The third type of haunting is inhuman, and this includes both demonic and angelic entities, as well as astral parasites. Astral parasites are nasty critters to be infested with. They feed off human fear and negative emotions, so they are adept at generating fear in order to provide energy for their food.
There are specific prayers and rituals to help wayward spirits move on, but demonic entities and parasites usually require an exorcism.

John works with a number of exorcists, and explained how possession and infestations usually start with the kids, then set a pattern of manifestation.

During his visit, John and Danielle investigated a local farm house that the owners had reported strange goings on at…. Doors moving, strange shadows, footsteps, tapping and so on.
He will review this data and post the information on his

<a href=””> website</a>. All client’s names and locations are confidential, but the results of the investigation are published anonymously with a case number. Contact John for more information on this fascinating and mysterious subject!

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