A New Vision for Downtown Perth-Andover

On June 24 the Glenn Group made a final presentation to the Perth-Andover business community outlining a proposal to re-build, re-store and flood proof the downtown core of the village.

View of the proposed downtown core

View of the proposed downtown core

The firm’s mandate was to create a long term vision for downtown Perth-Andover that retains the heart of the community through the design of a vibrant downtown core.

Council considered several options, including building a retaining wall. The design they voted unanimously in favour of will see Main Street re-located 100 feet back from its existing location. This will allow for buildings to be re-located and accessed from Station Street so businesses can stay in operation while the new Main Street is being constructed.

A view of the new Library Plaza

A view of the new Library Plaza

This plan includes both the re-location of some existing buildings and the construction of new ones.
This will restore building density and create a real downtown atmosphere.

A waterfront park will be created with a continuation of a waterfront green space that will include walking trails and landscaping on a gentle slope that leads from the river up to the new grade and re-located Main Street.

To restore the vintage look of the downtown area, traditional building materials of wood and brick will be used in a variety of rich, heritage colours.

This plan will provide improved green space along the river front, make a more attractive Main Street and will create a new, vibrant and liveable downtown.
The new business district on the highway will continue to grow, this plan is to restore the heart of the community.

No plan is written in stone, of course, but with a proposed in place and a budget to present to the government, we can begin making the giant strides we need to rebuild our village!


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