“Trash Talk”

the old man in the hat

markgThe Province of New Brunswick must act. Failure to do so may result in serious bodily harm.
How so?

From time to time I travel with my partner who periodically shouts “Pigs”, which immediately and abruptly wakens me from my quiet contemplation of roadside attractions, resulting in the automatic response of jamming on the brakes to avoid collision with those of the swine persuasion. This is not a pleasant event for those following close behind.

To what, you may ask, is she referring to?

Roadside garbage and the perpetuators thereof. Not chairs and refrigerators left in the ditch, but all- and I mean all- I don’t think anyone uses a garbage can anymore-of the roadside fast food refuse (FFR- anything always sounds more important if you have an acronym- it might even get government funding- a grant maybe!).

It used to be that when driving from the hinterlands to the great urban areas, civilization was foreshadowed by the increasing density of housing- now it is the increasing density of FFR. The bigger the community, the greater the variety.

A small community may only have Tim’s debris, but you know you have hit the big time when you see the Taco Bell wrappers.

Picture Province indeed!

As there is a provincial ELECTION in the near offings- let’s demand some action.

Where to start? How about a fast food deposit. Government intervention in the marketplace you say.
I say that if you insist of tossing it out, be prepared to pay. That simple. Volunteers are scarce enough as it is and I see no need for their time to be taken to pick up your garbage. Pay to be a pig (PTP- Pay to Pig-love those acronyms!).

And let’s not be stingy. A loonie per event- yep- that will make you think before you toss it out- order a coffee- an extra buck. Return the used container- get 50 cents back, with the remainder to the Environmental Trust Fund that can then fund unemployed students to pick up the garbage left by the trash bucket challenged (TBC).

Is this good policy? Dog gone right it is! It is definitely WWW (come on, you know- win, win, win).

Clean up the trash, employ the students and make the Picture Province truly a picture to behold.

To sum up, for those TBC be prepared to PTP so that everyone can WWW.

TTYL! :).

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