rogueThis is/will be an anthology of snippets! Little things – fragments! Like – there are no regular changes in the sky, the heavens, the zodiac, that occur in seven days and correspond to a week! Sardine – there’s no such actual fish. By age 15 the average teen, nowadays, has seen some 13,000 persons die violently on TV, not even counting their “games”. And so, you have the exordium (basic beginning). Will the continuum be “trendy” and/or “trending”? Then – the mechanic said, “It’s a crank-case call.” The psychiatrist says, “It’s a crank case call.” And, whatever happened to all them “crank” gadgets – flashlights, radios, etc? And too, Mr. Cannibal says, as he steps thru the non-swinging doors of his thatched hut, “Muummmm, smells delicious Dear. Who is it?” But, if’n you see me out in the dooryard splitting wood in my best, and only, Sunday suit ….! Emily Dickens – only had 7 of her 1775 poems in print in her lifetime. Ain’t that the dickens? When I told that to my nemesis, black-eyed Susan, she was Suetably impressed. Taberduker! She’s the type that’d put lemon juice on your paper-cut, then laugh so hard the “tears” would be running down her leg! He who laughs last …!!! Now, there are common words that we say and spell wrong – Chica[r] go, sa[a] mon, veg[s]table, ex[h]austing, Kata[r]din, etc. These “off-sounds” can be put into verse form (Abstract expressionism!) – Grade A /gray day – something I’m not very good at, but here goes…


My Ms. Understanding
Was misunderstanding
Of my, I love you, Isle of View,
From my hilarious hill acres
“It’s a Grade A gray day
For that stuff that’s tough!”

  D.C. Butterfield

Nuf of that! Me, I don’t even understand the sociology of “texting”. To me its a lot like the optical Aleutian (mirage) I once saw across a pressure-ridge on the Beaufort Sea. Sort of like trying to get an abecedarian to spell abracadabra with NGY (energy). Me, I’m so backward that when my Buddy said he wished he had an iPad with him I calmly remarked, “It’s okay, I’ve got one in the First-Aid kit in the trunk.” And, nobody told me not to plug my iPet into a tire valve-stem. And too folks, on the Q.T. (Secretly) that’s on a NTK (Need to know) basis. It is stated, “You’ll always scratch a poor man’s head if’n you carry a lunch-bucket to work.” Taberduker! Anyways, writing of the Beaufort area up around Tuk (Tuktoyaktuk), I remember one night when it was so cold in the tent out on the Peninsula we had to put a blanket on the porta-stove to keep it warm. Old-man Ent—– had to use an ice-pik to get his false teeth out of the glass. I had to put my 4 am coffee cup under my armpit to keep it warm, but the “hot” coffee still ice-glazed. Three crows, Blackie, Ebony, and Sable had frost on their backs when they came cawing for scraps! True – but not in Denmark, where the rains fall mainly on the Danes. Denmark to New Denmark – a study in ekistics (Human settlements). Some things change – some don’t! Particularly of “man’s awareness”! Which I was reminded of when reading where Lucretius (A Roman poet, 98 – 55 BC), wrote ‘On The Nature Of Things’ way back then. As many of you know, I’ve written lots of so-called poetry, but I only tried erotic poetry once … and before I knew it I had the typewriter on my lap trying to unfasten the ribbon! However, since this is about “snippets”, let me offer this snippet of verse … 


A scrap, a shard, a sliver
You cut or chip or clip it
A modicum, a morsel
A little tittle … snippet!

D.C. Butterfield

More snippets! A ukulele might cost 512 ekueles in Equatorial Guinea. And, an old nickel I found under the bed has quadrupled its value to date. And too, I hear her hairdresser has taken up curling! You say “Duh!”? Well, let me tell ya, sometimes good stuff is harder to find than a furtive flea homesteading on a St. Bernard! It slips away quick’ern the “fisher” (Martes pennanti, that the elders claimed could run ten feet ahead of its shadow! So there! It’s like tryin’ to catch a brook-trout off of Grand Manan on a ‘Tobiquart Special’ fly! I can’t always be as sharp as the mouse that was sharpening its teeth with a file so’s it could chew thru the concrete granary. Excuse me a coupla minutes – I’ve got to have me a snippet of a “column interruptus”!

Ah, … good! B4, I felt like I had one foot in the grave and the other one on a banana peeling. You know, two clean T-shirts away from kickin’ the bucket! Wors’ern the shingles and clapboards together! Now for a mugga “debull” (the strong stuff), not that “decalf” dishwater blend. And I’m back, ready for some compensatory “perimeter sequences”, So, am I “cruisin’ for a bruisin'” or “suckin’ for lumps”? Shades of, “Don’t it make your blue eyes black?” Sketching vs etching? Like, do I do my share to help pay the price to reduce greenhouse emissions? Like, do I ever!!! Have you priced a catalytic converter for the Yourmobile lately? Form criticism (formgeschichta)! I’m not waiting for the proverbial next mother-ship or extraterrestrial-ark! Una Voce Poco Fa … dirty trucks, lonely women, happy dogs!


Have Pen –
Will Write

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