PAPER SNOWFLAKES …It’s all about folds and cuts!

by Auntie Francine
snowflakesWhen I started up the Community Conversations Initiative last winter, I promised Village Council that some of the sessions would be on the ‘light’ side. December seemed like a good month for a fun yet still educational event. In conversations with co-workers a few weeks ago, I came to realize ago that it was hard to find someone who actually knows how to make paper snowflakes. Thus the idea to host a snowflake making workshop!! Not knowing how to make them myself, I set out to recruit people who possessed this almost extinct skill.
I heard through the grape vine that librarian Maj Gagnon has the snowflake making know-how in her repertoire of fabulous artistic skills. I followed up the rumor mill and checked this out. And the rest is history. The library was happy to provide their space as a place to host the informal, drop-in style workshop. Maj Gagnon, along with a couple of other volunteers will be there to provide instructions to help you learn how to make your own paper snowflakes- — and all in time to add your Christmas decorating scheme this year!! No matter what they end up looking like, you can boast that you have a SPECIAL EDITION SNOWFLAKE – produced here in Perth-Andover. No two paper snowflakes are alike…each is a unique creation, just like the snowflakes that fall from the sky!

So, if you are like me and have forgotten or never learned how to make these classic winter decorations and prefer to learn from an actual person rather than from youtube, come out to the Library on Saturday, December 14. Drop-in anytime between 2 and 4 o’clock.



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