One Year Later After the Flood of 2012

Jonathan Gagnon and Luke Sinstadt Stand United!

Jonathan Gagnon and Luke Sinstadt Stand United!

Saturday, March 23rd marked the one year anniversary since the historical Perth-Andover flood of 2012. It was a day filled with mixed emotions for many people affected by the flood. Some people were grateful that they had their homes back together and expressed thanks for all the help they had received but at the same time were fearful that it could happen again.
The Vigil Aunties held a wonderful 12 hour Vigil commemorating the “Flood of all Floods” at the corner of West Riverside Drive and Legion Street. Friends and neighbours stopped by throughout the event to share their stories and give hope to the recovery of all homes and businesses in Perth-Andover. Many others helped set up the vigil by clearing the snow, putting up signs and maintaining the camp fire that was surrounded by straw bale seating throughout the event. There was also a canopy tent set up for crafts out of the weather and Luke Sinstadt painted a sign that sums it all up “United We Stand”.

Perth-Andover was also visited by television and newspaper reporters who spent the day going around the village talking to homeowners and businesses to see how they have recovered over the past year and to ask them how they really were doing emotionally on the anniversary and knowing that flood season is upon us again.
Over the course of this next year our village is going to change in appearance with the relocation or buyouts of residential properties. It will be journey as big as the flood itself for homeowners involved as they choose what option they believe is the best for them. During this time there will be many cleared lots that will never be built on again leaving a picture of despair if the lands are not repurposed. There is hope as Glenn Group consulting firm has been hired for visioning what we might do to keep the sense of downtown alive and vibrant. Businesses are still waiting to find out if there will be any relocation or flood proofing efforts to help protect them from any future flooding. In the meantime they a running as “normal” as can be expected, given the circumstances.

I believe as Luke stated united we stand and over the course of time Perth-Andover will recover and grow to be the picture perfect village we call home. Many people are going to need a helping hand this year to get through this journey and if we help one another and support our local businesses we can all win.
Jonathan Gagnon

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